We profess the traditional ideals of the Velvet Revolution and want to do our part to help preserve an open, educated and creative society.


Under the constant societal pressure for never-ending growth, happiness and ordinary joy are slowly beginning to subside from our personal lives as well. In order to erect at least a small dam against the general flood of stress and hopelessness, we have decided to create a small space and base for contemporary art. We think that a healthy society cannot be built without the creative and inspirational role of art in life.


The centre for our activity is thus an art gallery, around which other projects will gradually emerge. Perhaps the fine art that has been sold and archived hundreds of times has reached “Game Over”, but all the more insistently does it live on as the human ability for “play” /N. Bourriaud/. We wish to actively seek out this living art and present it in a comprehensible societal context. Human creativity and playfulness is in our opinion the best medicine for a sad and weary society.


Tied in to this is naturally support for cultural and social projects that stress social responsibility, support for developing civic society and community activities, and backing environmental projects with an emphasis on sustainability.